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Integra i-WIN Adjustable Driver (Callaway® Big Bertha Alpha™ Style) | Compare To Callaway®

Integra i-WIN Adjusable Hosel Titanium Custom Golf Driver:

The Integra i-WIN Golf Driver (Callaway® Big Bertha Alpha™ Style) features the LOWEST spin, which can help you hit your longest drives ever. That's great of course, but how about a driver that gives you low spin for your longest drives, and forgiveness, and maximum adjustability, and low CG, and a Gravity Core. The Integra i-WIN Driver puts the weight and adjustability where they should be so any golfer can max out their distance.

The new i-Win lets you adjust the vertical Center of Gravity through a movable weight in the center of the head. Each head comes with a set of two screws: 11-gram flat and wide metal screw and a 40 mm long brass screw weighing 9 gram.

Inserting the short screw with heavy end down will push the CG lower in the head & creates a lower-spinning driver. The lower CG position also lowers the launch angle by about 1º. Inserting the long brass screw will raise the head's CG and offers additonal forgiveness for shots high on the face and creates a driver with intermediate spin. Shots hit higher on the face also lose less ball speed than when compared to shots high on the face with the heavy weight in the low position.

Change Face Angle: Adjustable hosel design allows you to adjust the face angle from 2º open to neutral to 2º closed. Choose from three face angle positions so you can achieve the look you want at address and help you square the face to the ball at impact.

Change Lie Angle: The adjustable hosel allows you to change the lie angle from 58º to 57º (i.e. 1º flat).

Exchange Shaft: The hosel design also allows you to exchange the shaft and play the driver with another shaft.

Cup face design enlarges the effective face area and sweet spot. The benefit is increased rebound effect for more distance. Looking confidence-inspiring at address, i-Win has a slightly smaller footprint and a more traditional shape at address that better players find appealing.

Compare to Callaway® Big Bertha Alpha™ Driver

  • Material: 15-3-3-3 Forged Beta-Titanium
  • Face Angle: Adjustable
  • Face Height: 55mm
  • Driver Breadth: 112mm
  • Hosel Depth: 36mm
  • Hosel Diameter: .335
  • Bulge/Roll: 10"/10"
  • Finish: White
  • Picture: Expanded View

  • Clubhead
    Driver 1
    Driver 2
    Driver 3

    Clubhead Hand QTY
    Driver 1  [$ 99.00]
    Driver 2  [$ 99.00]
    Driver 3  [$ 99.00]
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