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Tiger Shark Super Jumbo Lite Black Putter Grip | Tiger Shark


Tiger Shark Super Jumbo Lite Black Putter Grip:

The Tiger Shark Super Jumbo Lite Putter Grip weighs the same as a standard mid-sized grip but that is 250% larger, creating the first super jumbo grip that will not change the swing-weight of your putter. Over 55 PGA Tour professionals have put a Tiger Shark or SuperStroke jumbo grip into play on the PGA Tour to stop their wrists from breaking down.

Jumbo grips are also proven to reduce grip pressure and keep the putter head square. A dimpled, non-slip surface combines extreme tackiness and feel, and keeps hands from slipping even in the wettest conditions.

Color Core
Core Design Weight (Gr.)*
Black .600" Pistol 67
*Grip weights listed represent averaged samplings only.

1-9 $14.99 : 10-20 $14.69 : 21+ $14.39
*Discount Reflected On Final Invoice*

Type Available Size QTY
Tiger Shark Super Jumbo [$ 14.99] Jumbo
Custom Assembly Information
Make sure to purchase the rest of the products needed to assemble your clubs, and remember that Pro Series Golf also offers assembly on many clubheads and shafts.

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